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SlideKick is a PowerPoint integrated search engine and update management of your PowerPoint slides.

It allows you to work more efficiently and better for you and your team.

With the one-click features, each feature is just a click away.

Quickly find your slides again

Enter terms in the search engine that appear on the slide. You can also filter the search results. For example, by the date of the last edit or by the name of the last editor.

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Assign keywords to your slides and images

Type the keywords into the search engine and find your slides and images. The best thing is that your team will also find the slides and images under these keywords. The keywords must be assigned only once.

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Work together on a presentation

Copy your slides with SlideKick and get updates when the original has been changed. Edit the slide in reverse and copy it back to the orignal presentation with SlideKick so your colleagues can get your update.

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