SlideKick: the best add-on for PowerPoint
  •   Save time by faster search
  •   Avoid duplicate work by smarter change management
  •   Strengthen corporate image by central up-to-date slide library

Save time by faster search

Can't you find anymore the slides you or your colleagues made? Would you like to keep track of everything and immediately discover all the presentations on a topic, from you and colleagues, to stay consistent?

Then use our  Powerful SlideKick Search Engine to search faster:

 Search engine integrated into PowerPoint
 Presentation library to manage all your slides
 Find individual slides, pictures, and icons
 Find duplicates and similar slides
 Slide filtering by title, content, edit date, ...
 Categorize slides with keywords

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Avoid duplicate work by smarter change management

Does it take you lots of effort to manage multiple slightly different presentations? Are you having trouble syncing changes (within a team) in multiple presentations? Is the (team) work often repeated or you are not as efficient as you would wish?

Then use our  Powerful SlideKick "Smart Copy" Feature to keep track of copies:

 Stop manually maintaining multiple similar presentations: SlideKick allows coping slides to other presentations and automatically receiving updates to these slides
 Work undisturbed on a slide and, if necessary, copy edited slide back with a single click
 Detect conflicts with multiple changes to a slide, view differences, and simply resolve them without accidentally overwriting changes

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Strengthen corporate image by central up-to-date slide library

Would you like to make sure the right version of the corporate template is used to strengthen your brand? Are you not sure if you have the latest official figures and information from your company?

Then use our  Powerful SlideKick Corporate Feature to strengthen your brand:

 Access to up to date business templates, presentations, logos, and images directly from within PowerPoint
 Automatically update company slides in older presentations
 Automatically apply the current company master when copying slides

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Start immediately

Did you think that you need to make new investments on servers, databases, or deployment projects? Would you prefer to start immediately and easily access your existing systems?

Then use our  User and IT Friendly SlideKick Add-Ins with no extra investments:

 PowerPoint Add-In on Windows PC
 Access presentations locally, on the network, in SharePoint or OneDrive, or in your corporate cloud
 No need of costly servers or databases
 Regular Add-in upgrades with more and more features

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"We know the problems associated with making slides and solve them for our clients. Our motto is therefore:"

Dr. Anne-Therese Körtgen
Founder of SlideKick Software
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„(Smart) Presentation Data: Recognize and use economic potential“
SlideKick at the Smart Data Workshop of the BMWi Technology Program in Berlin
„Breaking News! SlideKick solves the problem of 500 million users“
SlideKick at the LIVE conference of Femtec.Alumnae e.V. in Berlin
"You are the boss! How to get the full amount of teaching materials under control and do the best for teaching"
SlideKick at the LearnTec 2018 in Karlsruhe


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