Click through the features and see what SlideKick can do for you

Slides as far as the eye can see

The slide library is compiled by every user on his own with just a few clicks. In the search results, therefore, only the content that a user is allowed to see through the directory permission is displayed.

Navigation through the folders of your library will take you to the right track. You can see only the PowerPoint presentations that are included in the folder.

You can enlarge the slides to the extent that you can read the text on the slides. If you are interested in the metadata of the slide, just switch to the detailed view. There you can sort the slides by title, last editor, last editing, date, or location.

Keep control over changes

If multiple people create a presentation, different versions of a slide may occur. The changes must then be compared and merged. So that you do not have to waste your time with merging slides, we have prepared a ready-made solution for you.

In order that you do not inadvertently overwrite your own changes or those of your colleagues, SlideKick will interrupt an update process. The differences between yours and the library version and also the different change times are displayed.

To resolve a conflict, SlideKick offers the following options. You explicitly select a version to override the other. Or, if you do not want to lose a change, you can resolve the conflict manually. SlideKick then adds both versions to your presentation.

Find slides and images by means of keywords

Whether slides or images, not always are terms present on a slide that you connect to it. In order to find them nevertheless, you can assign keywords to your slides and especially to your pictures.

To do this, select all slides or images to which you want to assign a keyword. From the context menu, you can select the keywords by typing them into the search field or, if it does not yet exist, adding new ones.

Archive intermediates well

The creation of a presentation often takes place step by step and produces several drafts which one would like to archive. To save drafts in the library and not to see 50 times the same slides in the search results, SlideKick helps you with version management.

With the SlideKick function, you can archive a presentation very easily. The version history shows you the list of all versions. If necessary, save a particular version as a presentation in the library.

In addition, you can import already existing versions of a presentation which are stored in seperate files into the version history and keep your library in this way nicely slim.

Do you mind this, the eternal search for a picture?

With SlideKick, you can create your own picture and icon galleries with just a few clicks. Assign keywords to your images and icons to retrieve them from the search. Doub-click on the icon to add it to your slide. Would you have thought it was so easy?

Share the galleries with your peers on the network and they can also retrieve your images using the keywords.

Strengthen your brand image

It had never been so easy to create a new presentation based on the current company presentation master. Just click on the button.

Centrally managed slide templates allow you to create new slides very quickly. You are also sure, that you use designs which are consistent with the corporate design guidelines.

You get direct access to centrally managed company slides, logos, and images. Insert slides in your presentations and you can always update them later if they have changed.

Install: From the web or locally?

Do you want SlideKick to be up-to-date and updated automatically? Then installing on the web is the right choice for you. Note that this variant only works without Internet proxy.

If you wish to deliver the installation package on your own, for example to your enterprise network? Then you will get the current release as a zip file via our download site.

Prerequisites for the installation are a Windows operating system and MS PowerPoint as of version 2007.

SlideKick is provided via ClickOnce and requires the VSTO runtime 2010. If it does not exist, the current version is downloaded and installed from the Microsoft site. Administrative rights are required for this installation. No administration rights are required to install SlideKick and updates.