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You are still not sure where you get with SlideKick?

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Dear PowerPoint user,

Did you know, that every day 300 million presentations are created? PowerPoint is an absolutely great tool for creating presentations. Especially the new features, the designer, morphing, and zoom, are incredible.

But, did you know that 32% of all presentations are created with slides of existing presentations and 34% are created together in a team? After a while, many similar slides accumulate.

There is still no solution for the everyday situations.

How many times have you wondered where you saved a slide in a particular variant ? After 10 minutes of searching you give up and recreate it.

Or do you remember the last time when you created a presentation together with your colleagues? There is always somebody who provides the input you need for your joint presentation at the very last second, and you can merge the presentations with an increased level of stress. And stress leads to mistakes in integration that damages the result. It is a waste of time and money.

That does not have to be! That's why SlideKick supports our customers since 2014.

Everyone knows such stories and nobody likes to experience them. That this is still neededin the digital age, you think. And you're absolutely right!

Like you, we worked and work a lot with PowerPoint and we wished to have a solution for these problems. That's why we developed SlideKick, so you have it easier.

My Tip:

Request a demo now and become part of the growing SlideKick community. Benefit from the most powerful PowerPoint add-in and transform the unpleasant tasks with PowerPoint into great experiences.

I promise you, SlideKick will take the annoying work off you and save you a lot of time and nerves.

On behalf of the entire SlideKick team, I already thank you for your confidence. Your

Dr. Anne-Therese Körtgen
Founder of SlideKick Software

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SlideKick Software was founded on January 1, 2014 in Aachen, Germany, and specializes in creating PowerPoint add-ins to make PowerPoint presentations better, simpler, and together. The company is characterized by its high capacity for innovation, speed with regard to the implementation of new customer requirements and customer-friendliness. Currently, the add-ins are being used by users from various industries, mainly in the DACH states, but also increasingly in the Benelux countries, the USA and Scandinavia. The users are employees and teams from large corporations, medium-sized companies, startups and research institutions. SlideKick Software has partnerships with companies such as ISpring Solutions, a leading manufacturer of e-learning software located in the US, or t2Informatik GmbH, a service provider for software development and project management in Berlin, Germany. SlideKick Software was recently interviewed by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung as a role model for startups and invited to the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi)-sponsored Smart Data program closing event and LearnTec, Europe's largest digital learning knife, to introduce the company and its software.

The main product is the PowerPoint add-in SlideKick. SlideKick is enterprise slide management software that enables the controlled, yet uncomplicated, publication of company slides to all employees as it runs on existing IT infrastructure. Company slides, the presentation template, slide templates as well as shared logos and images are directly accessible and reusable via the toolbar in PowerPoint. For slide changes, these are automatically updated in employee presentations. This ensures that employees always use the most current version of a slide and avoids errors due to outdated information. A slide and image search engine also leverages the richness of libraries to increase the efficiency of creating PowerPoint presentations. In the upcoming release of SlideKick, a corporate design checker will also be available which, in addition to the actuality of the slides, also checks compliance with the corporate design in order to strengthen the company's brand in external communications.

Managing Director and founder of SlideKick Software is Dr. Anne-Therese Körtgen. She has a PhD in software engineering and previously worked for several years in the functions IT consultant at Platinion, a company of the Boston Consulting Group, assistant to the management, as well as process architect and software developer at the insurance company Generali in Germany.

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